Brief Description of the Client

Client Company Name

Zaphire Info Tech & Services Private

Limited Bitrix24 Account URL

Area of Business

Job Search Platform

 Number of Employees

30 (13 employees actively using Bitrix24)

  Number of Offices/Branches

Headquarters in Bangalore

Needs of Bitrix24 Implementation


Criteria for Choosing Bitrix24

Why Our Company?

Implementation Process and Special Aspects

Bitrix24 Utilization

Collaborative Development

Customization and Integration

Adaptation and Training

Client Experience and Results Achieved

Efficiency in Job Posting

 Streamlined the process of creating unique landing pages, reducing Fme and effort significantly. 

Improved Ad Campaign Performance

 Synchronized landing pages enhanced the effectiveness of Google Ads campaigns by providing tailored experiences to potential applicants. 

Client Empowerment

 Through active participation and training, the client gained proficiency in utilizing Bitrix24, enabling independent management and creation of landing pages.

Implementation Benefits

Quantifiable Benefits

Intangible Effects

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